A large island appears in the middle of the Mississippi River south of St. Louis. Where people could never go without boats, people are now moving on foot in that river. In this case his feet are not touching any kind of water.

A severe drought has swept across the Midwest. As a result, the water level of the southern Mississippi River has dropped to a record low.

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So now people can walk between their river islands. The Egyptian resident said he never imagined that the water of the river would drop so low.

Now they can go there without getting their feet wet. He said I never thought this would happen in my life.

Water levels have dropped below 1.5 feet, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Now that river is going to be crossed.

The river dropped to zero on Thursday and the forecast shows no sign of significant recovery. According to the US Drought Monitor,

more than 55 percent of the contiguous United States is experiencing drought. which affected more than 133 million people. The US is also the worst hit since 2016.


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