More than 20 lakh students participated in the SSC Exam 2022 this year under ten education boards under the Ministry of Secondary Education.

In the meantime, their exams have ended. Their written exams officially ended on October 1 and the practical exams will end on October 20, the Ministry of Education said.

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In this case, SSC wants to know when the exam results will be published. Not knowing some important information related to the exam.

  • Start the Exam: September 15
  • Exam is over: October 20
  • No. of Education Boards: 10
  • Number of Examination Centers: 2600
  • Number of candidates: 2021000
  • Result Release Date:

On September 15, the current year’s SSC exam officially started with the Bengali first paper. After this, the examination was concluded on

October 1 through the subject of higher mathematics. This year’s exam has been organized in new rules. Where the exam duration was two hours

instead of three hours and the exam marks were half marks instead of 100 marks. Moreover, examination was not organized in four subjects, namely:

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Bangladesh and world identity
  • science
  • Religion and moral education

The mentioned subjects will be 100% subject mapping from JSC result. In this situation, the Ministry of Education said that the teachers are already

looking at the exam book for the results. Exam report will be out soon. After reading the book, the teachers will send the marks on the board.

will prepare the result based on marks. It is a bit time consuming but hopefully the process will be completed quickly.

When asked when the results will be published, Education Minister Dipu Moni said that the results will be published

within 60 days of the end of SSC Exam 2022 . In that case, if the exam ends on October 20,

the result may be published on December 20. In that case, the whole matter depends on the Prime Minister.

The result will be declared officially on the day the Prime Minister gets the time, so the exact date cannot be given right now.

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