Vladimir Putin’s administration is hiring to help Russia’s war in Ukraine. Most Russians citizens are leaving the country to avoid that recruitment. Most countries deny them entry at the border.

According to the Korean Coast Guard, Russians President Vladimir Putin last month He announced to send new troops to Ukraine. Then five boats with 23 people arrived in Korea.

Ministry of Defense announced that 300,000 reservists will be recruited. Russian men of war age will join as new troops. After that, Russian men are moving to neighboring countries. They are staying in many places like Georgia, Kazakhstan, as well as Turkey.

They are currently leaving the country through various means. Meanwhile, the sale of various flight tickets is almost at an end. Moreover, it is believed that many people in Russia will take bigger steps.

A South Korean lawmaker said 23 Russian nationals had applied for tourist visas. They were denied entry to South Korea as their destination was unclear.

Two of them were allowed to enter South Korea because they had previous South Korean residency information.

Perhaps South Korea is known as an intermediate country for Russian-reared youth or men. In this case, South Korea is going to make an important decision for fleeing citizens.


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